Company Profile 

Since our establishment in the year 2013, SHAMS POWER System Pvt Ltd serves to provide energy solutions for clean and green power for an overall development of urban & rural communities, Industrial & commercial enterprises and governmental organizations. A respected Manufacturer, Service Provider and Supplier in nature, we aim at making a difference in the society through our environmental-friendly goods. 

We specialize in undertaking design, supply, installation of Solar Rooftop Plants, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Off-Grid Systems and Solar Water Heating Systems  as per site and customized requirements.

The demand for energy is rising with the rapidly increasing Indian population. SHAMS POWER is focusing on solar energy, one of the best options in green solar renewable energy, to provide sustainable and economical power supply to urban and rural India.

Work Strategy

SHAMS POWER is pooled with resources of technical knowledge coupled with industrial expertise. The services are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients based on rich experience and we are supported by our strategic partners in India and abroad for Technical know-how and procurement.

We utilize the best quality systems and components; adhere to the best standards of safety of design and installation practices to reach the highest degree of quality, efficiency, safety and reliability of systems and installations.

Superior Products, Unmatched Value, Integrated Solution

At  SHAMS POWER, we provide all the advisory on setting up and maintaining solar power plants, including energy generation estimates, technical requirements, installations guidelines as well as technology comparisons to site selection and preparation and liaison with Government agencies.

The System is configured to ensure short Payback Period and substantial Life Cycle Benefit. Our Power Packs are available with Grid-Tied as well as Off- Grid features and ensure the following :
-Customized local solutions of power needs for individual, commercial, social, industrial or distributed requirements
-Online power generation and utilization of Solar Energy which operates at highest efficiency to get maximum  savings
-End to End Solution as well including Government liaison
-Risk free and improved payback with high life-cycle benefit

We serve for

Consultation, technical  & project engineering, equipment selection & design, site assessment & solar analysis, site management & constructions, installation, commissioning, Liaison, documentation & approvals

Products and Services Offered by Us

Solar Rooftop Grid-Tied Systems (Industrial, Commercial, Residential)
Solar Water Pumping systems
Solar Off Grid Systems
Solar Power Back Up Systems
Solar LED Street Lights
Solar Centralized LED Street Lighting Systems
Solar PV Module / Panel (mono-poly crystalline & Thin film)
Solar Inverters
Solar Water Heating Systems

Why Solar Energy ? 
Green And Clean Energy
Reliable And Maintenance Free
Easy to upgrade
Emergency Solution
Cost Effective
Tax Benefits
Long Term Solution